Thursday, January 12, 2012


In case you haven't heard, DIVORCE is working on a feature film with Dog Day, Fun Dog Records, and Yo Rodeo. We finally released our first trailer this week! Here's the official blurb and the mighty clip:

Set in the wilds of Nova Scotia's coastal forests, Lowlife is the surreal tale of one woman’s quest to outlast a living drug. Shooting took place in the icy, unforgiving spring of 2011. Lowlife is Seth Smith's first feature length film and was produced in part by Dog Day, Divorce, Fundog Records, and Yorodeo. The release is scheduled for fall 2012.

For some reason the gods of press were very good to us this week, so check out the Lowlife feature on Weird Canada and and Vice's new blog Noisey.

Of course, the hardest thing about making a movie on your own is the money. It costs a fortune. So if you want to help us finish this slug drug classic, consider donating a few bucks to our IndieGoGo campaign. We wouldn't be asking if we weren't hurting. The whole story of the movie production is over there too. Check it out>>>