Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Li Jianhong - Lovers with Cloisonne Bracelet

I love a good record trade. It's a fantastic way to discover musical gems that for one reason or another didn't make it on my radar. My latest acquisitions are from New York's stellar Tipped Bowler label. A quick preview of their tracks on Soundcloud had me sold; I always have a strong appetite for quality psych noise. Their package arrived today, and the first LP to hit my table was Li Jianhong - Lovers with Cloisonne Bracelet. Athough relatively new to western ears, Li Jianhong is a psych guitarist from China who has been plying his trade for quite some time in both his band 'Second Skin' and through solo work. Lovers with Cloisonne Bracelet consists of one epic track of exquisitely crafted guitar shreddery per side. There are lots of comparisons that immediately come to mind, including Keiji Haino, Loron Connors, Bark Haze, and even DIVORCE artist Gown. Li Jianhong is unique, however, in that he maintains such a curious balance between noise and beauty. At times he evokes an intensity akin to the most ecstatic moments of a classic Hendrix solo, but the music never loses its dream like pulse and drone. Masterful stuff. Highly recommended.

01 Lovers in Misery by Tipped

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