Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shit Cook - Run to the Gun EP - 2004

As part of my work with this blog, I'd like to give away some music. In particular, I'd like to finally make versions of a few early Divorce releases available to the digital world. A lot of these albums were put together in small runs between 50 and 100, and so are long OOP.

I had to dig hard to find a copy of this one. Here we have the first of two Shit Cook EPs. Shit Cook was a solo noise/vocal project by yours truly. Although I spent hours locked in a jam spot obsessing over these and other sounds, I was only ever able to muster the spiritual fortitude to play two shows. The experience of a live audience coupled with the intensity of this music was always too overwhelming. The final performance resulted in me practically destroying a vintage 1975 Stratocaster (and my left hand) with a butcher knife. This thing could never happen again. I wasn't cut out for the long haul of the noise game, but I sure put all my soul into this music at the time. Enjoy.

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